Chocolate Chip Cookie Fans NEED This Milk & Cookies Cake


Chocolate Chip Cookie Fans NEED This Milk & Cookies CakeDelish


  1. Posted by rupertperng, — Reply

    Excellent combination of ingredients! I can already taste it 🤤 Try mine out! i have some ideas how to make those spices pop!

  2. Posted by gracekylla, — Reply

    would definitely put the icing in the fridge for a while after you make it, and use a little less than the whole can of sweetened condensed milk.

  3. Posted by bubbysmom9119, — Reply

    The cake is good. The frosting is not. Not enough sugar. Could only taste butter. We dumped it and did a traditional vanilla buttercream instead. Save yourself the time and wasted ingredients.

  4. Posted by stheresa416, — Reply

    Did not turn out well. Frosting was incredibly buttery. Ruined the taste of the whole cake. Wasted time and ingredients

  5. Posted by siimplygacharxses, — Reply

    My class is doing a baking contest, should I do this!?!

  6. Posted by telshirley, — Reply

    Can this be made the night before and refrigerated?

  7. Posted by cjgray66, — Reply

    Can this be made with chewy chips ahoy?

  8. Posted by avaadavies, — Reply

    wow looks yummy!

  9. Posted by HappyLanguagesL, — Reply

    Great recipe!

  10. Posted by walkerjohnson192, — Reply

    look good

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